Because helping people be their best at work, means helping them be their best. Period.

Introducing SPOTLYFE. An easy-to-use digital platform that brings full life center stage.

Putting an end to hustle culture by prioritizing a full-life mindset. So people are more fulfilled by their lives and businesses are more fulfilled by their people.

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So people can focus on what matters.

Work-first hustle culture is leaving people no time or energy for the rest of their lives or wellbeing, leaving them unfulfilled, burnt out, and ready to tap out. SPOTLYFE helps people reclaim life on their terms, giving them simple tools to help them identify and create the life they want, one week at a time.

So leaders can show their people they really care.

With hustle culture burning people out, growing distrust and resentment between workers and leaders is creating toxic cultures that cause talent to walk out. SPOTLYFE helps organizations give their people permission to take off the work blinders and prioritize a full life, creating a culture based on sustainability for the business AND its people. Keeping people at their best, simply by putting life first.

Practice pausing.

In an effort to “do it all” people tend to take on too much, saying yes to every demand until they’re forced to live on autopilot just to keep up. SPOTLYFE gives people a chance to pause – to tune in by tuning out. This provides the space needed to raise self-awareness and set clear intentions for how they want to live life.

Seize the day.

Rebuild trust to authentically connect.

SPOTLYFE works to turn managers from insatiable hustlers into human leaders their people can relate to and trust, by arming them with the blueprint to give life-first permission by modeling the behavior and setting the tone for the culture.

Reflect and grow.

Support the whole person.

People that are more fulfilled in life show up stronger and perform better at work, creating experiences that keep customers longer and generate business longevity. SPOTLYFE helps organizations arm their people with solutions that allow people to focus on what matters most, regardless of whether that’s at work or beyond, leading to higher fulfillment.

Learn about you.

Create common ground.

People at work need a common language and set of behaviors to facilitate full-life conversations and mentalities. SPOTLYFE is the catalyst for that, giving individuals complete control over how much they do or do not disclose – so they can safely communicate their wants and needs while setting healthy boundaries.

Share what matters.

SPOTLYFE makes life work for you. For your people. For your company.

Discover how SPOTLYFE helps keep people at their best, simply by putting life first.

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