Andrea Hollenback

Hi! I’m Andrea. Professionally and personally, I consider myself an explorer, continual learner & problem solver – constantly tapping into my curiosity, exercising both my logic and creative sides, maintaining a growth mindset, seeking to resolve/make things work (or feel) better. Surprised I ended up in Product Management?  I’m stimulated equally by deep intellectual conversations as I am lighthearted, playful ones – often surprising people when I throw in a good laugh during more serious moments. To me, having fun isn’t a diversion from success, rather it’s a part of the pathway to it.  I greatly value time with close friends and family, but also love being in solitude (especially outside in nature). ​ I’m a total-health enthusiast, passionate about building lifestyle habits that make simply feeling good daily easy.  I love making healthy foods taste delicious, experimenting with different body work modalities (e.g, exercise types, stretching), and learning techniques for the betterment of mental/emotional.  Coolest thing in my life right now?  I get to bring all of this, all of me, into my work at SPOTLYFE.