Are Resolutions for Suckers?

Around 74% of us made a new year’s resolution this year. But some research suggests we’re all doing it wrong (who knew?!).

When you set a resolution, you’re typically focused on a big outcome, like losing 10 pounds or reading 100 books.  This sets you up to see that end goal as the reward, which makes all the stuff it takes to get to that end goal seem daunting and hard.  No wonder it feels so impossible!

So how do you flip the script?  It turns out, if you focus on the action instead of the outcome – think of eating a green salad 3x a week or meditating every morning – you’ll not only be more likely to get to the outcome you want, but you’ll feel more fulfilled and accomplished along the way.

That leaves just one question – what do YOU want to achieve today? And how will you know you did it?

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda