Being There

As the father of three girls who are growing up faster than I ever thought possible, life moves really fast.  A few years ago, it was a challenge to get my daughters to stop talking, but now they’ve grown into that phase where parents are no longer cool and talking is something you do with friends, not family.

So it’s more important to me than ever that I savor every moment I can steal with them.  It’s about being there with them and for them.  For me, this means taking on the driving to and from volleyball/softball/you-name-it-sport and activity with my girls.  While the drive isn’t long, it’s 15 uninterrupted minutes that I get one-on-one with each of my girls. 

This is the highlight of my day, so I am intentional about shutting everything else off for those few precious minutes together so I can be fully there.  And afterwards, I feel an enormous boost of energy.  This is what fills my life bucket, so it’s the first thing I schedule and the top thing I prioritize.  This is one thing I will look back on in the future and be so grateful I did.

This small change actually led me to set some even greater boundaries, including eliminating all Sunday travel for work and keeping my weekends clear for my life, not work.  These have been game-changing for me.

What’s filling your life bucket today?