Hustle Culture is All Around Us

How many times in your life have you compared yourself to others and thought you just weren’t measuring up?  It could be at work, in life, in your health – anywhere.  

It’s easy to think that hustle culture exists only in our working lives, but unfortunately we’ve succumbed to it pretty much everywhere.  

New parents around the globe that want nothing more than to get a little shut-eye, are pressured into taking photos every month, signing up for all the baby classes, getting all the designer baby stuff and putting their entire life on display for all to see on social media.  

How many people feel pressured to make sure their life shows up perfectly on social media even when they’re struggling to keep it together?  To put on a brave face when they’ve just suffered a loss?  To act like everything’s okay when it feels like the furthest thing from reality?

The cold hard truth is that we’ve all been there.  We’ve all fallen hook, line and sinker for thinking we can “do-it-all.”  For thinking that perfection is the end game.  For taking our validation from outer cues instead of our own hearts and minds.  

And it will take each one of us saying NO to hustle culture to overcome it.  We can’t wait for our boss, our mentor or our friends to change.  We each owe it to ourselves and the world around us, to take back control of our lives and start living for what makes US happy.  

Stop feeding the hustle culture.  Start feeding your life.