Instead of Giving Presents, Let’s Try Being Present

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the gift giving frenzy.  The ads are all around us and our traditions of giving at the holidays make it easy to give in and potentially overspend(yikes!).

This year, SPOTLYFE is challenging you to make the holidays different.  Instead of putting all the focus on giving presents this year, let’s focus on being present, instead.  

The reason we give gifts at the holidays is to show each other we care.  What better way to express how much you care than being fully present with your loved ones? 

Here’s our recipe for helping you stay present this holiday season:

  • 1 part setting aside time to genuinely connect with those you care about
  • 2 parts active listening when you’re with others
  • 2 parts sharing and catching up
  • a dash of laughter to keep spirits bright

Mix these together for a holiday season worth remembering.

And if you are giving physical gifts, try giving from the heart.  Focus on the meaning of the gift instead of the price tag.  Show people you are listening by making gifts personal, or even making gifts by hand.

Let’s all try to slow down and be in the moment this year.

Happy Holidays from the SPOTLYFE team!

Article originally posted on LinkedIn.