It’s not just about the golden eggs!

I get it.  Companies want the golden eggs – they are, after all, in business!

But much like sleep – the more you think about how much you might not get, the more you deprive yourself of the very thing you’re after – golden eggs can be elusive.  Or so we thought.

For decades, we’ve been taught by countless books, articles and on-screen depictions that work is meant to be cold and bosses are meant to push their people to give more, more, more! Coffee IS for closers, after all.

But what if you could achieve great outcomes as a business while ALSO treating your people like valuable human beings?  We’re dreamers, I know, but we believe this is entirely possible and moreover, it’s needed.

It turns out that if instead of focusing on those elusive golden eggs, you focused your attention on your geese and how well they’re living and how well you’re supporting them, you end up with even more golden eggs. And you have happy geese to boot!

Talk about a win-win.