Open Letter from SPOTLYFE Co-Founders

Thank You to Our People

Today is launch day for SPOTLYFE – a key milestone for our company, but more importantly, we hope, part of a larger change in how we as people show up at work and in life. Before we share our story, we’d like to start by genuinely thanking our team! 

✨Thank you to our product & development team for working tirelessly to get the product off the ground; we know how hard you’ve worked to get us here. 

✨Thank you to our go-to-market team, who have spent many working sessions strategizing and planning next steps on our journey in order to bring the best solution to market. 

✨Thank you to our advisors, our partners, and our investors who believe in our mission just as much as we do.  

Who We Are 

Having spent most of our careers in Talent/HR Tech, we’ve heard consistently that people are an organization’s greatest asset.  Yet most technology in our space wasn’t built for the people and it certainly wasn’t built to see the whole human.  We founded SPOTLYFE to end the idea that our needs as people live separately from our needs as workers. When we try to “balance” those things separately, it doesn’t work. And when our employers don’t acknowledge us as people, we (increasingly) burn out and leave. We see the social posts about people leaving their jobs everyday, and we hear from our colleagues about the broken system that is the workplace today. We see you. But most importantly, we HEAR you. And we’re right there WITH YOU. ✊ 

Why We’re Here

As co-founders, we are excited to help lead a much needed change in workplace cultures. Employees have seen the writing on the wall. They are demanding change, and we are proud to be an advocate for that change. Trust is broken between companies and their people. We all need to build it back, step by step, together. 


Our mission is to create a happier and healthier workforce through the development of a platform that empowers individuals to integrate work, life, and wellness so that individuals can live their best lives.

How We’re Thinking Differently

  • We offer individuals the tools to create a more rewarding life by helping them take a holistic view of their personal, professional and wellness aims.
  • Individuals start their day with purpose & intention, end their day with thoughtful reflection, gaining insights into themselves and their time so they can decide what to focus on next.
  • Employees can choose what they want to share with their managers or colleagues, enabling whole-person support and more meaningful conversations.
  • Companies talk about their people being their greatest asset, but with SPOTLYFE, employers can finally support their people as whole human beings, not just workers.

Our Future 

Everything we do is in service of our mission. We wholeheartedly believe that healthy, happy, and fulfilled individuals are the key to any company’s success.  As we move toward general availability this Spring, we give people a way to say YES to change; to putting people first; to prioritizing wellbeing; and to living their best lives.

Join Our Mission

If you believe in what we stand for, we invite you to join us on social with #SPOTLYFE to show your support for empowering individuals to shine and visit our website to get involved.  And if you’re an employer who is serious about putting your people first, we challenge you to join us in the rebuilding of trust whether or not that’s with SPOTLYFE.  But if you want in early to what we’re building, now is the time and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you.

If we work together, employers hand-in-hand with our people, we can successfully empower individuals to find their flow across their personal and professional efforts, leading to a better experience for all. 


Josh Schwede and Scott Fowle, Co-Founders, SPOTLYFE