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Is Your Culture Driving Away Customers?

Recent research cites toxic culture as the number one reason for people quitting their jobs during the pandemic.1 It might seem easy to dismiss this as an HR problem, but cultural toxicity has impacts that reach far beyond HR and pose a huge risk to businesses.  As employees disengage and churn from an organization, the Is Your Culture Driving Away Customers?

SPOTLYFE Wellness: Pause + Expand

Welcome to our SPOTLYFE Wellness series.  This week we’re talking with Steve Fernandez, Co-founder of Pause+Expand, a corporate wellness program that leverages unique visualization, sound and meditation techniques to drive greater productivity and wellbeing at work.  Check out the interview below: SPOTLYFE: Welcome, Steve.  We’re excited to learn from you today.  Let’s start by helping SPOTLYFE Wellness: Pause + Expand

Don’t Get Hustled by Technology

Cultural Norms According to social psychologist, Devon Price, despite doing more work today than any other human beings in history, we still feel we’re not doing enough.1 In fact, productivity has grown by 61.8% since the early 1970s.2 This stems from our societal view of rest as a form of laziness instead of seeing it Don’t Get Hustled by Technology

Small Changes, Big Impact

Coming close to death can be a real wake-up call. Join guest author, Kristy Sidlar, as she explores why she’s committed to living her best life and how she makes that a reality.

Managers Make Culture Real

While organizations can post their values and proclaim what they want their culture to be, in reality culture stems from the daily interactions and cadences in your organization, which are set in large part by managers. It’s time to acknowledge that managers are caught between a rock and hard place. They have to lead by example, but they’re overwhelmed and overworked themselves. It’s time to start showing managers some love, so they can create cultures where people thrive.

Attainable Lifestyles

There are so many pressures surrounding us, pushing us to have it all, be it all and do it all. It’s exhausting but more importantly, it’s unattainable. It’s time to stop living our lives based on what others say is important and start creating the lives we really want.