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Managers Make Culture Real

While organizations can post their values and proclaim what they want their culture to be, in reality culture stems from the daily interactions and cadences in your organization, which are set in large part by managers. It’s time to acknowledge that managers are caught between a rock and hard place. They have to lead by example, but they’re overwhelmed and overworked themselves. It’s time to start showing managers some love, so they can create cultures where people thrive.

Attainable Lifestyles

There are so many pressures surrounding us, pushing us to have it all, be it all and do it all. It’s exhausting but more importantly, it’s unattainable. It’s time to stop living our lives based on what others say is important and start creating the lives we really want.

Choosing Your Life Over Your Job

For too long, our jobs have dictated what our lives look like day-to-day. How might your life be different if you flipped that script and started choosing to put your life first? What would that look like in real life?

The Good Old Days

Looking back at the good old days is easy, but how do you know you’re in the good old days before they’re gone?

Busy Isn’t a Bragging Right

In a world where being busy is seen as a status symbol, it’s easy to think more is better. But if enough is never really enough, are you just setting yourself up to fail?

Hustling is no way to run a company

At some point, hustling moved from the domain of 1920s mob bosses to a cultural mindset worshiped by many inside the workplace. So there must be some reason we’ve all bought into this, right? Think again…