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Busy Isn’t a Bragging Right

In a world where being busy is seen as a status symbol, it’s easy to think more is better. But if enough is never really enough, are you just setting yourself up to fail?

Hustling is no way to run a company

At some point, hustling moved from the domain of 1920s mob bosses to a cultural mindset worshiped by many inside the workplace. So there must be some reason we’ve all bought into this, right? Think again…

Work is Not Your Lover

Social conditioning has taught us to treat work as a lover, prioritizing it above all other things, including our own lives. How do we say “let’s just be friends” to work?

Why Sales Needs a Pause

Slowing down to speed up. It sounds counterintuitive, especially for a sales team, but it’s exactly what’s needed to keep sellers sharp.

Don’t Get Hustled

Somewhere along the lines, hustling turned into something we have glorified, idolized and imitated. Enough is enough. It’s time to hang up the hustle and opt for a healthier, happier future of living.