SPOTLYFE 1 Year Later

A year ago today on 2.2.22, we officially announced the SPOTLYFE brand to the world. While I think we can all agree that this last year was different than many of us planned or hoped, at SPOTLYFE we still managed to accomplish almost everything we wanted to do.  

Here’s a few things our team accomplished: 

  • We delivered a solution to the market that companies were willing to sign up for because of a business problem they wanted to fix. (If you have ever built something from scratch, you’ll know that validation means a lot).
  • Beating out 100 other companies to win the 2022 HRTechnology Conference Pitchfest.  With an audience vote that counted in the final two rounds was amazing validation for our product and mission. 
  • Partnering with Britt Andreatta, PhD, we co-authored some groundbreaking research discussing Employee Burnout In The Workplace

We believe there can be a world where businesses are thriving BECAUSE their people thrive.  As Scott Fowle and I have said since Day 1, we’ll need an ecosystem of supporters and friends who aren’t afraid to take a risk and talk about how the world needs to change.  SPOTLYFE would not be where it is today without you, so for this we say:

  • THANK YOU for helping us build an innovative product.  
  • THANK YOU for amplifying our stories.  
  • THANK YOU for believing in our ongoing mission. 

2022 was the year we brought SPOTLYFE to the world.  I’m excited to see what the next 12 months brings.  

Article originally posted on LinkedIn.