SPOTLYFE Founders Series: Interview with Josh Schwede on Taking Back Control

In our SPOTLYFE Founders Series, we ask our founders a key question about how they live out the SPOTLYFE values and intentions. This week, we asked our CEO & Co-Founder, Josh Schwede what he does to take back control in his life.  Here’s his response:

Honestly, I’m not always the best at it.  But what it takes is slowing down and thinking about what I want to control.

One thing that helps is taking a regular inventory of what I want to accomplish or focus on, instead of just reacting.  This is especially true for meetings.  We all have a meeting limit(especially with video), after which our brains just turn to mush.  You have to understand what that is for you.

Instead of just reacting to my day, I try to be really smart and intentional about what I have the capacity to take on each day.  Listening to my own early warning signals so I don’t reach my breaking point makes a big difference.

I also schedule in breaks, especially for meals and dog walks.  It’s so important to fuel yourself throughout the day – from breaks to meals to time away from the screen. If I don’t schedule it in, it’s really easy to forget then I end my day feeling drained and exhausted.

Finally, I like to draw clear boundaries between work and my life so I set a goal to stop working by a certain time and I have a wind-down routine that helps me move out of work mode and into life mode so I can be present for the moments that matter most.