SPOTLYFE Founders Series:  Interview with Scott Fowle on Taking Back Control

In our SPOTLYFE Founders Series, we ask our founders a key question about how they live out the SPOTLYFE values and intentions. This week, we asked our CRO & Co-Founder, Scott Fowle what he does to take back control in his life.  Here’s his response:

Having spent my career in Sales, most of my life I’ve been trained to make sure the customer gets what they want, which includes meeting times ranging from the wee hours of the morning to well after lights out.  

But what I’ve learned is that it might not be the best idea to run back-to-back-to-back meetings, or meetings when I’m not fully awake and functioning.  Maybe hitting the accept button just to make someone happy isn’t the right thing to do anymore. 

So, while it feels counterintuitive for a Sales leader, I believe that taking back control means making a conscious decision around how to spend my time and how to stay in tune with my own capacity, instead of just falling into old habits.

In the end, if I set better boundaries for myself, especially when it comes to meetings, I can actually show up to those meetings recharged, refreshed and better equipped to create a better experience for everyone involved.