The Good Old Days

Most of us, if not all of us, are not very good at standing still, pausing, and taking in the moment.

What we are good at is romanticizing past chapters in our lives, glossing over the hardships we faced or, dreaming of the next chapter, thinking it will be better, forgetting our time is finite and life is happening now.

When we talk about the “good old days” we do so looking back with joy recalling how something made us feel.  It’s easy and almost automatic.

But recognizing that in this moment right now, there are things that will make up the “good old days” is hard and requires conscious effort.  It challenges us to stop, take inventory, and have gratitude for even the smallest things.  If we fail to do so, these things become simply a memory that can no longer be experienced.  

Today, you have a choice.  Instead of reminiscing on what was or what could be, be present.

Because maybe, just maybe, you’re living in the good old days today